Old Bulgarian Art: The Art of the First Bulgarian Kingdom

  • Nikola Mavrodinov
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  • Year: 21-05-2013
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In 681, a new country appeared on the political map of the Balkans - Bulgaria. Two centuries later, it was Christianized. The needs of the new cult required the construction and decoration of churches, the translation in Slavonic of Christian religious literature, as well as the creation of new writings, Christian in content. The capital Preslav turned into a major art center. A particularly interesting aspect of the artistic production there was the ceramic icon. 

In the beginning of the XI century, after long and exhausting wars with Byzantium, accompanied by numerous casualties, Bulgaria ceased to exist for more than a century and a half. The sixteen decades of Byzantine rule left lasting traces in art and culture on Bulgarian soil. There was full and permanent integration into the Byzantine type of civilization.

The book contains 350 illustrations.

About the Author

Nikola Mavrodinov

Nikola Mavrodinov

Nikola Petrov Mavrodinov is a Bulgarian art critic and archeologist, one of the best connoisseurs of Bulgarian medieval art, architecture and culture. Born on 2 November 1904 in Tutrakan. He graduated... Read more

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Tags: Architecture & Design, Science of Art, Fine Arts, Christianity, Culturology, Middle Ages, Old Bulgarian Sources

Year 21-05-2013
Pages 416
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Cover Type Hardcover
Genre Architecture & Design, Science of Art, Fine Arts, Christianity, Culturology, Middle Ages, Old Bulgarian Sources

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